March 2019

The Festive Greeting Board had a poor response (2) and the question "Do the membership of OSM West Yorkshire want a website?" got even a poorer response - NIL.

It would be interesting to know who actually views YOUR WEBSITE?

 It was terrible shock to learn of the demise of Wy Bro John Barlow.        Wy Bro John joined the Order late in his Masonic career, but he was full enthusiasm. On more than one occasion he commented he had wished he had become a member earlier. He will be missed by so many people, Masonic and Non-Masons.

GRAND CONCLAVE'S 2018-2019 Fees are now on the Secretariat page, why not print off a copy, Brother Secretaries?

Don't forget to view. Always of interest.


Useful Information.

Most new pages now on the website are in PDF format, which means printing the page is very easy. Simply point the cursor to the top centre and several images will appear. One being the print icon. Just click on it and follow instructions.

Also if you wish to enlarge or decrease the page click on the "+" or "-"  symbol. There are others you can play with.

We are always trying to make life easier.



Other News

Not much to say as all the meetings are on the calendar and we trust you are using it. One of the best ever.


Scarlet Cord

The Provincial Grand Senatus of West Yorkshire

now has it's own website

and can be viewed by accessing



That appears to be all, however even during the course of a month up-dates are possible.

Please use it!

All members are reminded that we now have a Provincial Grand Almoner and his duty is the same as the Provincial Grand Almoners in Craft and Mark Masonry. The procedure for assistance is first to approach your Conclave Visiting Deacon and he will advise the Benevolent Fund Steward of your predicament who will or ought to, contact Wy Bro Peter Firth, Provincial Grand Almoner. It is his duty then to contact Grand Conclave. Please use that facility, it is there for our members benefit.